Monday, April 21, 2008

UFC 83

Christie and I went to a friends house to watch UFC 83; the Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Serra fight. Well this is a friend but also one of Christie's old bosses from when she worked at the furniture store. The guy has a really nice house and loves to host parties, and we just happen to enjoy going to the parties. He had about 40 people or so over for the fight, every time he has one of these it seems like there are more people there.

Christie had to work until 7 so we missed the first couple fights, but here is what I thought of the ones we did see.

Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes:

I was rooting for Nate in this fight. He is from Oregon and trains at the Gym where my Mom works. She has talked to him there before and said he is pretty nice. He actually looked really good in this fight and it looks like he is over his long layoff from fighting. Kalib was just embarassing, he was running from Quarry almost the whole fight. There are some rumors that he was doing this to protest the UFC's treatment of fighters but I don't buy it. I think it might be time for Quarry to really face some top competition. A fight with Jason McDonald could be good.

Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin:

Rich Franklin is one of my favorite fighters. He got into some trouble early as Lutter had the top position and almost secured an arm bar on him but Franklin was able to keep his cool and roll out of it. After the first round Lutter looked really gassed, I think the kick to the head definetly had something to do with it. Franklin won and again looked impressive doing so. I think the hardest thing for Franklin right now is he is running out of people to fight at 185. He probably doesn't want to fight Anderson Silva again quite yet. The UFC might need to think about brining in some more competition for him. Quarry would be good if they hadn't already fought though Quarry might be anxious to try and avenge his vicious knockout.

Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre:

This one was a mismatch and everybody knew it. I really like Serra and I like to root for the underdog but I knew Serra didn't have much of a chance. St. Pierre is just at the top of his game right now and he completley underestimated Serra last time around. Pierre controlled the whole fight. It would be fun to see Serra fight Matt Hughes, and I think Serra would stand a chance against him because of his striking. I really don't want to see Serra or Hughes fight St. Pierre again, but Jon Fitch should be a good fight for Pierre. The fight that would be just amazing would be St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, that fight would be just incredible.

What did you think of the fights?

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