Friday, April 11, 2008

Beer Can Chicken

So I decided to make Beer Can Chicken today. It seemed to combine 3 of my favorite things. Chicken, Beer and BBQ. I am still not sure what i think about the combo of the three.

It started off kinda weird. I have never reached inside a chicken to pull out the innards before and that was a little weird. I then dried off the chicken and then rubbed oil all over it. It was awkward, i don't even know the chicken's name and here I am giving it a Swedish massage. I then put salt all over the chicken followed by a pepper scrub. I am really convinced that I could probably sell the same thing at some posh salon in the Pearl District. I then put a spice rub that I had made on it and it was smelling really good and was very messy. I have come to realize that the messier the preparing of the meal the better it will taste in the end.

The weirdest part came when I had to stick the chicken over the beer can, um it was just really awkward, and it looked even funnier. Raw whole chickens just look really really funny. I almost expected it to break out into a dance.

I then put the chicken on the grill standing up straight. It looked like this.

It was actually surprising how well the thing stayed upright, I thought for sure it would tip over and I would have beer all over my grill. (Oh also I used Pabst, only the best beer for beer can chicken).

The biggest problem that I had was the grease from the chicken kept dripping down onto the grill and it would shoot flames up the backside of the chicken. So I was ending up with a very burned chicken. I am not sure how to make it not catch on fire. Eventually it got cooked and I actually finished cooking it in the oven because I could not stop it from catching on fire.

The chicken turned out really moist and tender. It was really good, you couldn't really taste the beer in it, but the spice rub that I put on it was really good. I think I will make it again but I need to figure out how to make it not catch on fire. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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