Thursday, February 22, 2007

Juan Dixon out, Fred Jones is Blazers Trade for Hometown guy

Freddie Jones played at a High School in Oregon and then at U of O. Should be a nice addition to a promising team.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Date the 360, Marry the Wii, Kill the PS3?

In the current generation console war, who would you marry, date, and kill? Here is what the Motley Fool had to say about the warfare, and why they picked the distribution listed in the title. An interesting opinion piece based on the financial situation for each console.Interesting perspective on the current Next Gen Systems War. I might have to pick up a wii at somepoint but right now I love my 360 and when I play the wii the superiority of the 360 really shines.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Top 10 Web Tools For College Students

These are some really cool web tools for college students. I really wish they would have had Google Docs while i was in college, I hated having to email files all over the place. The online power point presenter looks really cool too.

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Vista Performance Shootout: Upgrade Vs. Clean Installation

Feature: Windows Vista uses an image-based approach to installation, so an upgrade should perform like a clean installation. We put that theory to the test.An interesting result actually, i would have though a clean install would be a lot better. I will be helping my parents upgrade soon so that is good news for them.

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Myspace - the worst major website

Man I really dont blog enough on here, i need to find a consistent schedule and do it at least once a week. Even though i dont think anyone actually reads my blog. How is this site not 100 times more popular than MySpace? Myspace is by far the worst designed website that is in the mainstream. Easily the worst in the top 10 websites on the net.

Here are the top 10 websites in the U.S.



3. Myspace
4. Microsoft Network (MSN)

5. EBay

6. YouTube


8. Thefacebook


Of those Myspace looks the worst. Craigslist doesnt look amazing but its simplicity is nice and there arent a ton of broken links. Anyone else have any ideas on bad major websites? I know is pretty awful too