Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I don't think I ever blogged about the best Christmas present I got this past Christmas so here goes. After a long day of gifts and food Christie and I finally made our way to my Parents house

(Side topic: Being married and doing holidays is one thing that you never think about but is actually a pretty big deal, you are just so used to doing what you do on major holidays and then you get married and everything changes, you have to accomodate two families. It is fun because you get twice the presents and twice the food but it is just something I had never thought about.)

Anyways so we start opening gifts and we got some really cool stuff, some clothes, some video games, and my wife got a bike. But then the last thing we open is a box that has two ornaments in it. The ornaments are two tacky pink flamingo tourists like this
Tacky Tourist Flamingos

And in there was a note saying that we were going to puerto vallarta for 8 days. Turns out my parents thought we had a rough year. (My Mom lost both her mom and her dad this past year) so they thought a family vacation was in order. So on June 19th Christie and I, my Mom, Dad, two brothers and a sister will all be off to sunny Mexico. The place we are going is called Marival Resorts, in Nuerto Vallart (just north of Puerto Vallarta). My parents got a 3 bedroom suite so we have our own bedroom and bathroom. To top it off the place is an all inclusive too so all the drinks we can drink and all the food we can eat. Should be pretty exciting. I am really looking forward to it.

Well I think that is all for now, this has been a long post.


Anonymous said...

SWEEET. I am jealous and will miss you both while you're gone! Or maybe to salve my wounded lonely heart I will throw wild parties while you are gone.

Oh, and I love having you both over for Christmas mornings. Another person to dance in the snow with!!

Yay we are friends and family AND roommates!

Anonymous said...

I just left you this whole huge comment that was so awesome and then blogspot lost it.