Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New polls show Obama surge in Pa.

So a story I submitted to digg totally made the front page!! That is really exciting for me.

The story is about Obama surging in new polls in PA. I am not sure how accurate the poll actually is but hey it shows that with at least some subset of people he is doing better than expected in Pa.

I think I am going to support Obama. Usually the election for me comes down to the lesser of two evils. Hilary I definetly think is evil, she has something very sinister about her and she has been involved in too many scandals and been caught lying one too many times. I also think that it is time for someone besides a Clinton or a Bush to be in the white house. If Clinton were to win we would have gone Bush Sr.(4 years), Bill Clinton (8 years), Bush jr. (8 years) and Hillary Clinton (4 or 8 years) that would make 24 or 28 years of the same group of people being in office.

I don't agree with everything McCain or Obama say but I really like the ideas that Obama has and his views on Racism and I think he is someone that our country can feel good about. I normally would not vote Democrat but I don't think that McCain is a very strong Republican either. I am a little worried about foreign policy but I feel like the presidency is more about who you surround yourself with. Beyond your cabinet I think it is the president's job to be a figurehead for America and to be someone that everyone can look to and be proud of.

Oh well, that is my political rant for the day.

Here is the link to my digg that made the front page. Digg Story

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