Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crazy Weekend

So I had a pretty interesting weekend. It started on Friday, I took the day off of work to spend with my Dad and Brothers. We decided to go boating on the Willamette. We have a favorite spot called Hebb Park in Wilsonville. It is a really nice park and a nice stretch of the Willamette. I got to my parents house at about 9:30 and we didnt get into the water until almost noon. But when we pulled into the parking lot at Hebb park we only saw one other Truck and trailer and we didnt see any other boats in sight on the river.

We spent almost the whole afternoon on the river and it was really sunny and a lot of fun. The river was very smooth and the water was warm and I have the sunburn to back it up. At the end of the trip I was riding on an Innertube and battling my brother who was on the other tube. As I went to get back in the boat after about a 45 minute ride I realized that somewhere along the way my wedding ring had fallen off and now rested on the bottom of the Willamette.

I was devastated. The ring really means a lot to me. I know it is just a material possesion and can be easily replaced but, it also holds a lot of memories to me. I remember picking it out a couple weeks before the wedding, I remember Christie sliding it onto my finger during the wedding ceremony, I remember wearing it and being so proud during out honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta (it got really beat up during the trip but it was a good reminder of the trip). I was pretty bummed but I also was really scared to tell Christie because I didnt want her to get mad. Well I told her and she wasnt mad she was sad like I was. We also dont really need to be spending money on a new ring for me right now either. Luckily I have awesome parents who are very loving and they saw how sad i was and my Mom called and said that they would replace it for me! How awesome is that. That is the end of that story, it was really long sorry. Now onto the other events.


We found a house last week that is 3 bedroom 2 bath in Southeast salem, It is a newer home with a big backyard and a 2 car garage. It is a pretty nice house. We looked at it on Thursday evening and applied the next day and then the owners called us on Saturday and let us know that they liked us and we could have the place!!! wooo hoo i am glad we were able to find a house it will be really nice to not be in an apartment anymore. There will be a housewarming party so watch for that. We should start moving in in the next couple of weeks.

Beer Festival

also on saturday Dave showed up at 8am with beer in hand. We went down to the Oregon Brewers festival and it was a lot of fun and we had a lot of really good beer. Dave drank too much (like always) and it was really hot. But it was a lot of fun and we saw a ton of people that we knew. Later that night we drank more and played Guitar Hero.

All in all it was a good weekend (except for losing my ring but it made me appreciate my parents a lot), I hope next weekend isnt nearly as crazy although we do need to start packing.... ugh.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Housing Anyone? / UFC

So Christie and I are going to be moving.... again, to Keizer. Christie wants to go back to school and i will just have a long commute. So if anyone knows of anywhere to live in Keizer or knows where to look for rental homes / townhomes please let us know.

Christie and I also went to UFC 73 in sacramento this past weekend. It was really good and a lot of fun. There were 4 or 5 really good fights. It was cool getting to see Tito Ortiz fight even though the fight ended up being a draw. Heath Herring and Big Nog was also cool. We stayed at a really nice hotel in downtown Sacramento. Sacramento was really a lot nicer than i was expecting it to be they have done a lot with the downtown area. It reminded me a lot of the pearl district here in portland.

Work has been going pretty good for me we finally have more help so that is really good, it is freeing me up a little to work on some projects i have had on the backburner for a long time.

Also i am getting really excited for the good sports seasons to start, I cant wait to go to a Blazer game or a Beavers game.