Sunday, April 13, 2008

My iPhone

I got an iPhone almost 8 months ago now. I still love the thing as much, if not more than the day I got it. It is really a shame that it gets tagged as being a cell phone. It really is more like a hand held internet device that uses AT&T (or any GSM or wi-fi) network but it also happens to make phone calls.

On the phone front it is the best and easiest to use cell phone I have ever had. I have always had the ability to do conference calling on my cell phone but never used it till the iPhone. It also makes it very simple to manage more than one call coming in at a time, it gives you options of; Answer Call and Hold Current, End Current call and answer, or ignore incoming call and continue current. It makes it very simple, that and the visual voice mail are my favorite features.

I have my phone jailbroken so I can add whatever applications I want to it and also customize the look and feel. Here is a screen shot of my first screen.

On there I have some of the basic features. Maps, weather, calendar, stocks.

The maps feature is actually very useful, I have used it many times to figure out where I am and where I need to go, I used it once going to a Seattle Seahawks game and it got my Mom and I there perfectly.

Chat is an app that I added that lets me connect to AIM.

Contacts just takes the contacts out of the phone section and lets me access them with one button.

Facebook is just a link to the facebook web app, same with the ESPN icon it is just a link to the mobile espn site.

iFlix is one of my favorite apps, it lets me manage my current netflix queue. (a screen shot of that is below)

This is very useful if I am out somewhere and want to add a movie to my netflix queue.

Another cool app that I have started using is the Twinkle app, it allows me to update my twitter status and it posts a location along with the status. A screen shot of that is below.

On the next screen I have some games, like bejewled, and chess and solitaire. I would say I complete at least one game of solitaire a day, i might be addicted.

So to me it really is like a portable computer, I love the thing and I highly recommend it. With the iPhone 2.0 update coming in June I look forward to many more exciting features and can't wait to see what programmers bring to the iPhone.

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