Sunday, August 23, 2009

Berkeley trip

So today Christie and I thought it might be fun to go to Berkeley and see some of the cool shops. I wanted to see the Volcom shop too! Litle did we know that it was street fair day there and it was also move in day for University of California students there.

So it was pretty busy there today but we still found parking. It was a lot colder there than it is in the east bay. We Just went to a couple shops and I got a cool volcom sweatshirt.

It was a fun little trip. Then we came home and had grilled salmon and halibut with corn on the cob. Yum!!

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Oakland A's game

Christie and I got tickets to the oakland A's game last night. They were literally the best seats in the entire place. They were right behind home plate. Row 1. As in no one in front of us except for the players!!

Also we got all the food we could eat! And we ate a lot. Haha. I think I had a lobster sammich, hot wing, peanuts and hefeweizen. It was awesome.

It was christie's first pro baseball game and she had fun. Though she liked looking at the players haha.

Here are some pictures from the game!!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey it has been a long time since I have written an update. So much has happened since the last update.

Christie and I have moved to the bay area in california due to me getting a better job with comcast. I am now a senior marketing analyst for them. It is cool and has a lot of good exposure.

The move has been difficult but it has also been something very different. It has also been good because Christie and I both gt new cars!! She got a mustang and I got a family car a ford escape. Haha

Also the biggest news is that we are buying a house!! I could devote an entire post to how difficult house buying is but that is for another time.

We actually ended up with a new construction home and it is in the process of being built.

I will update this blog more often I promise!


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