Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First Day at Comcast

So I had my first day at Comcast today. It was pretty cool, the people there all seemed really nice and friendly. I got up way early to make sure i wasnt late and ended up getting there in no time. So i sat around in the parking lot for a while, i think tommorow i will sleep in a little more. My cube is pretty nice and they gave me a really nice computer, I think i will even get a laptop also. The one complaint i have is that they dont let you use instant messenger and have it blocked so i guess that means no more at work for me. I guess that means i will get a lot more done. I setup my free cable and internet too so that is cool and I am going to get phone service finally. Anyhoo the job was fun and very interesting, I think i am going to really like marketing and comcast.

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G3nesis said...

yay for freebies