Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Wars

So today was mildly Fun at work. Didnt do anything too exiciting. Everyone at work is all excited to see star wars, as am I. I am going tommorow morning. One of the perks of working at Hollywood is taht we "have" to go see movies. I think this movie should be pretty good.

So my friend that was in spain for a while said that there nobody does their own laundry and I like that idea. I would be up for the idea of dropping off my clothes and then picking them up a day later all folded and nice. I think they do that at laundromats here but it is expensive. As you may have guessed it is laundry time here at the McConnell household.

My movie pick of the week - "Team America: World Police" - It is a little raunchy but all with puppets and incredibly hilarious.


Kaylie said...

you can't get a new blog! you won't forsake myspace will you?

Chris Leonardo said...

did I see the phrase "sith happens" on the commercial the other day? that is amazing if I wasn't mistaken